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Sách hướng dẫn học Adobe Photoshop CC Bible 2013



Photoshop CC Bible by Lisa DaNae Dayley and Brad Dayley
English | 1152 pages | ISBN-10: 1118643690 | 147MB

Part I: Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CC
Chapter 1: Introducing Adobe Photoshop CC
Chapter 2: Exploring the Photoshop Workspace
Chapter 3: Performing Image Basics
Chapter 4: Understanding Colors, Histograms, Levels, and Curves
Chapter 5: Applying History and Actions
Chapter 6: Using Bridge to Organize and Process Files
Part II: Working with Camera Raw Images
Chapter 7: Exploring Camera Raw Basics
Chapter 8: Processing Photos with Camera Raw
Part III: Working with Selections, Layers, and Channels
Chapter 9: Creating Selections
Chapter 10: Learning All About Layers
Chapter 11: Exploring Channels
Part IV: Enhancing, Correcting, and Retouching Images
Chapter 12: Optimizing Adjustment Workflow
Chapter 13: Making Lighting and Color Adjustments
Chapter 14: Applying Sharpness, Blur, and Noise Adjustments
Chapter 15: Cleaning Up Digital Images with Cloning and Healing Tools
Part V: Using Paint, Paths, Shapes, and Text Tools
Chapter 16: Editing with Paintbrush Tools
Chapter 17: Working with Paths and Vector Shapes
Chapter 18: Working with Text
Part VI: Creating Artistic Effects
Chapter 19: Distorting Images
Chapter 20: Applying Filters
Chapter 21: Combining Images
Part VII: Working with 3-D Images
Chapter 22: Creating and Manipulating 3-D Objects
Chapter 23: Editing 3-D Scenes and Settings
Chapter 24: Using Photoshop Tools with 3-D Layers
Part VIII: Working with Video and Animation
Chapter 25: Understanding Video Editing Basics
Chapter 26: Animating in the Timeline Panel
Chapter 27: Correcting Video Files and Adding Artistic Effects
Chapter 28: Animating Using Frames
Part IX: Using Advanced Output Techniques
Chapter 29: Printing and Color Management
Chapter 30: Creating Images for the Web
Chapter 31: Automating and Scripting Workflow in Photoshop
Part X: Appendixes
Appendix A: Timesaving Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix B: Extending the Capabilities of Photoshop with Plug-Ins
Appendix C: Finding Resources



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